Cerakote Exhaust Coating

Cerakote High Temperature ceramic coatings is the industry leader in high temperature exhaust coatings. It can withstand Temperetures of UPTO 1100 degrees Celius. Cerakote is a ceramic based finish that can be applied to metals, plastics, polymers and wood. The unique formulation used for Cerakote ceramic coating enhances a number of physical performance properties including abrasion/wear resistance, corrosion resistance, chemical resistance, impact strength, and hardness. Each of these properties is rigorously tested to guarantee that Cerakote products remain at the foreforont of the ceramic coatings market.

Cerakote also provides a number of additional benefits that aren’t common among all types of powder coating. Like most powder coatings, Cerakote will enhance your products ability to resist abrasion, wear, corrosion, and chemical penetration. It will also increase the hardness and strength of your product as well. However, Cerakote has been specially engineered to outperform nearly all other coating formulas in these metrics.


In addition to outperforming traditional powder coatings, Cerakote also performs incredibly well at high temperatures, making it ideal for exhaust and engine parts. For this reason, Cerakote and other ceramic coatings are often referred to as “exhaust coating”, “header coating”, or “high heat coating” in the auto industry. In fact, Cerakote performs so well at high temperatures that it noticeably reduces under-hood temperatures and improves the overall thermal efficiency of your engine or exhaust systems.


Cerakote also protects your engine and exhaust systems which saves you money and contributes to better engine performance. As was mentioned, parts coated in Cerakote are highly resistant to wear, corrosion, and chemical penetration, but they are also so much more. Cerakote makes parts highly resistant to friction, while simultaneously increasing the functionality of lubricants. Combining these features with its heat resistant properties means that the entirety of your engine systems will last longer, all while increasing the performance of your engine system.

Why Choose Cerakote?

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