Ceramic Coatings

Cerakote High-Temperature Ceramic Coatings

Cerakote High-Temperature Ceramic Coatings have become the industry leader for exhaust components and other applications where heat breaks other coatings down.  Available in a wide-array of color options and withstanding temperatures greater than 2000 degrees Fahrenheit.  Not only do these coatings withstand heat they serve as thermal barriers reducing part-metal oxidation, and are chemically resistant to boot!

Gold Coast 2pac Painting offers high-temp coating options for a number of different substrates including steel, aluminum, titanium, and others.  The options are endless.  Need a coating option for pistons?  We got that covered with our Piston Coat.  What about coating the inside of exhaust components?  No problem, our Turbine Coat was developed for just such a need.

Cerakote High Temperature Ceramic Coatings options

A vast array of colours is available to suit your requirements, and a Cerakote Clear layer can be applied on top of hydrographics, allowing for additional protection qualities.

Gold Coast 2pac Painting itself on offering the best quality and finish, so offers ceramic coating using the leading brand in the industry – Cerakote.

Large batches

We can support the application of Cerekote to mass production items, providing the high quality ceramic finish to multiple items, simultaneously.

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